Little Rabbles


Two little fingers of nutty naughtiness – that are just a bit too little!

This is the first batch of Rabbles we’ve made in our big cooker and we’ve somehow made them just a bit too little, so they don’t weigh as much as they should, so are priced accordingly.

They’re still two amazingly chocolatey fingers packed with Roasted Peanuts in creamy soft chewy toffee, there’s just a little less of them than usual.

Sold as a 2 finger pack, 55g.

Limited Stock

To keep these cheap, these bars won’t have their usual wrappers.


Unrefined Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Margarine (Sunflower Oil & Vegetable Oils), Roasted PeanutsSoya Milk, Golden Syrup, Soya powder, Lecithin (Soya), Salt, Vanilla Extract. Chocolate contains 42% cocoa solids, sugar, cocoa butter, soya flour, sunflower lecithin.

Allergen advice:
For allergens, see ingredients in bold.
Contains peanuts (obviously!).