Not-so crispy puffed rice with either too much or not enough toffee (that’s too soft), all covered in dairy-free ‘milky’ chocolate.

These bars were the first batch we cooked in our big cooker, and we didn’t do the greatest of jobs, so they’re far from perfect.

Set your expectations to ‘low’, and remember, these are not what a Rizo should be!

The same ingredients as usual, apart from the rice contains gluten, just not quite the same taste or texture, but with all the social media buzz, it seems you lot don’t care, you want chocolate! Maybe keep them in the fridge, chop them up with some ice-cream, get creative!

These are £1 per bar. We’ve bagged them in 1‘s, 4‘s and 8‘s, so please order in these quantities.

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Dairy-free chocolate, sugar, glucose syrup, vegetable margarine (contains sunflower oil, vegetable oils), puffed organic brown rice, soya milk, golden syrup, soya powder, salt, lecithin (soya), vanilla. Chocolate contains: 42% cocoa, sugar, cocoa butter, soya flour, sunflower lecithin.

Allergen Advice:
See Ingredients in bold.
May contain traces of peanuts.

Please note: This product is currently NOT Gluten-Free.