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We make all of our caramels and toffees ourselves, using traditional methods, to our secret recipe.


vegan sweets for the summer


These limited edition specials are available for pre-order, and how this is going to work is: Orders containing ‘Summer Specials’ won’t start to despatch until later in the week commencing 15th July. If you want any other products sooner, please place a separate order.

This is for two reasons. Firstly, we’re currently stockpiling our usual products for fairs and festivals we’ve booked in for over the next month. And secondly, we don’t want to have money tied up in surplus packaging so once we gauge interest we’ll order enough flow wrap, which we’ll then have to wait to arrive.

Thank you in advance for your understanding & patience!

vegan chocolates with free shipping

(after any discounts/coupon codes)

vegan caramels, vegan toffees and vegan chocolate sweets



vegan toffee company on channel 4 aldi's next big thing

We were delighted to be featured on the ‘Confectionery’ episode (the 4th episode) of Channel 4’s show ‘Aldi’s Next Big Thing‘, which was shown on Tuesday 23rd April 2024.
Although we didn’t win a (one-off) contract, we learnt a lot about ‘competition’ TV shows like this, and how cautious the food industry really is!

Veggie awards winner 2023

We’re winners in The Veggie Awards 2023!
Our Smootch & Malt Lava won Silver awards, and our Caramel Shortcake, Dynamite and Banana Caramel Toffees won bronze awards!
(All the goodies we entered won something! Cool!)

* * * * *

Stop the widespread degradation of critical ecosystems caused by animal agriculture!

We say NO to blood sports, for a kinder world for animals!

award winning vegan confectionery products

We were so proud to win Highly Commended in the ‘BEST FINISHED PRODUCT’ awards for our whole range of products at Confectionery Production magazine’s World Confectionery Conference 2023, which is a big deal within the confectionery world, coming second to Lindt, which means we’re in good company!

Environmental business awards 2023

We won ‘Bronze’ (third place) for Best Environmental Business in the Seahaven Business Awards!

* * * * *

Vegan sweets made by a small vegan family company in East Sussex.

That’s a flavour I haven’t tasted in a long time!

Vegan Chocolate coated nuttee

All handmade from scratch
No artificial flavourings or colours
Dairy-Free & Vegan of course!

We do our best to source the most ethical ingredients, our choc is UTZ and RAINFOREST ALLIANCE accredited for ethical, sustainable farming, and the margarine we use is RSPO certified, only using Palm from segregated, sustainable crops, and we’re on the FOOD EMPOWERMENT PROJECT list of ‘ethical chocolate companies’! Even our little factory is doing its bit by being CARBON NEUTRAL with some help from ECOTRICITY!

Tastes just like dairy toffee. If you did a taste test you couldn’t tell the difference!Debbie.

The most realistic ‘alternative’ I’ve ever had!Sue.

Vegan Chocolate covered malt

A note about gluten: We’re introducing new labelling for our products that will state that while a products recipe/ingredients are gluten free, we do handle gluten in our premises (for our Malt Lava and Shortcake biscuits). While we do all we can to minimise cross-contamination, we want to be clear about our products for those who have Coeliac disease or severe gluten intolerances.

Our vegan toffee confections are high quality hand crafted delicacies, but rather than packaging them up like exclusive, over-priced ‘Artisan’ or ‘Speciality’ confectionery, we want our sweets to be like you’d get in a sweet shop, nothing ‘exclusive’, just ‘normal’. Sure, we can’t compete on price with the large confectionery companies, but you do get what you pay for – some of the tastiest vegan sweets on the market, let alone the vegan market!

I just tried a Smootch and wow they are amazing! Cheryl.

You would never know the difference!Mat.

I’ve been missing toffee so much!Beki.

That’s the best new product at the Brighton VegFest!Sam.

Bravo! Shake my hand good sir!Kate.

Wow! Amazing!Abbi.

We’re a vegan husband & wife team, and we’ve got a mission:
To provide vegan toffee & caramel based treats that are at least as good as the dairy-based sweets that we used to love!

banana flavoured vegan toffee candy bar


We only use the best of ingredients to ensure that our toffees aren’t just a great vegan ‘alternative’, but are great toffees!

Jeavons Toffee Limited is a company registered in England & Wales.
Company Number: 11537455
VAT Registration Number: 314269709